Added Value

Florganic supports distribution networks when selling organic ornamental plants by developing marketing concepts, by giving information, by executing market research, by making a product analysis and by making and organising displays.


Florganic offers a wide range of products: tulips, potted daffodils, violets, dried bulbs, sunflowers, safari bouquets (Out of Africa), chrysanthemums, spring- and summer bouquets.

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Florganic B.V.

Florganic B.V. is a wholesale business, specializing in organic ornamental plant cultivation products. The company was created through a joint venture between Eosta B.V., Waddinxveen ( Holland ), market leader in organic grown fruit and vegetables, and Intergreen B.V. ( Holland ), who are part of the Dutch Flower Group and leading supplier of flowers and plants to the major retail chains in Europe . .

Florganic brings supply
and demand together

In every season we have an interesting range of organic flowers. The company develops a range of products together with growers, research institutes, growersadvisor and breeders.

Florganic are able to produce both mixed and mono-bouquets using a wide variety of flowers, which can be ultimately finished for example with a complimentary kraft paper wrap and gift tag, ensuring that exposure in-store will be maximised and not go unnoticed.

Florganic also delivers separate flowers to wholesale traders who supply organic flowers or use them for other products.
Florganic has customers both on a national and international level: supermarket chains, health food shops (by BIO/AGF wholesale trade), flower wholesale trade, flower shops and cash & carries.

Organic production

Our organic flowers and plants are being grown by using as many natural factors during the growing process as possible. The basic rules for growing good organic ornamental plants focus on organic manuring, biological weed killing, crop rotation, and the right variety of plants. Neither chemical manure nor artificial fertilizers are being used.


All growers work according to EU standards for organic agriculture, EU regulation 2092/91. Not only the growers but also Florganic as a wholesale trader are being checked by SKAL, the organisation certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.